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year 2006 
Plenty of bears and puppies
better right awayand the pictures?

In mid-June, when we arrived (daughter Sabine, Eros and I), the fish world was still reasonably ok.

The first run in the Kasilof River and in the Russian River went well and some "reds" could also be landed in the Kenai River.

The influx of tourists was limited, the weather wasn't exactly warm but well mixed.

In short: You could really go on holiday - if it hadn't been for our brown and black haired natives. They were well represented this year and even came to our hut (shudder). You met them by the water and also read some unpleasant things in the newspapers. Maybe the reason was the weather, the few fish (!) in the second run or whatever. Ultimately, however, we are the guests in the country of bears and not the other way around, and if you stick to a few rules, things are pretty easy.

Of course, my Eros was also part of the party. However, regular training was announced this year. We had qualified for the state championship for working dogs in August and there was no "just  vacation". The Elementry School sports field was very helpful and, above all, very close! All in all, Eros enjoyed the time - sometimes rebuked a city dog or maybe flirted a bit - and of course he had more freedom than at home.

To the few fish:

It was tough this year in the main run. Compared to almost 6 million in 2005, in 2006 there were just 1.3 million sockeye salmon that found their way into the Kenai River. There were, of course, fatal consequences for us "hobby fishermen". For two weeks the catch was limited to 1 salmon per day and for another week fishing was completely closed. Fatal especially for those who arrived in mid-July with a 2-3 week holiday. Certainly some were disappointed and left with more or less empty hands (or boxes). But since we were there longer, we were able to fill our boxes and, as always, head home.

Summer wasn't so great this year:

Rain, wind and not particularly high temperatures were announced and actually constant, apart from a few sunny days. We made the best of it: vacation!

The journey home went well:

Check in without problems, dog without problems. However, when entering Germany, the official mold whinnied again. Thanks to our correct documents - honesty pays off - we got through customs without a hitch, only the import unfortunately took "a little time". But maybe the authorities will know what to do in 2007 so that it doesn't take another 4 hours before the fish finally ends up in the freezer. It was worse for the colleagues who had entered the country with a "wrong" certificate or without one at all. There was stress here, the fish was first confiscated and could only be picked up after a few days - after a thorough veterinary check, as they said. By the way: Our boxes weren't changed when we picked them up and weren't even opened. There was no trace of veterinary control here.

Have fun with the pictures and please don't take everything written too seriously.

Pictures 2006

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