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Year 2022 - it may be entered again
The long break has left its mark. Lots of rain, flooding and salmon fed up
would you rather go straight to the photo album?

Here I am

NAfter a forced break of two years, we were finally able to return to our second home.

As always earlybooked in Februarymy flight went from Frankfurt to Anchorage on June 23, 2022.

We were (almost) on time too and so I entered at 2pm after 9 1/2  houren flight finally again

Alaska-Boden. Immigration, baggage and customs took a long time - I missed my onward flight to Kenai and had to catch a plane later.

It was then 6pm before I reached our cabin after the first purchases.

Thanks to good contact with my friends, I knew what to expect. 

Water ingress in bedroom and shed. All power tools unfortunately landed, the bedroom was already almost dry - Susan and Steve had already cleared everything out and aired it plenty.

On the page cabin over time are some pictures of the ceiling. In 2019, the kitchen had already begun to move "to the outsideen". That was planned for 2020/2021. Of course, due to the break, it wasn't any better and had to be done urgently, as well as new support pillars for the cabin. The satellite dish was also affected. Butch welded a bracket for me, which certainly survived all times and after some waiting time (just Alaska) I was able to put it back into operation.

Cabin and kitchen were secured with concrete bases - thanks to your help, the roof with tin roof repaired - finally a final solution. Towards the end of our Alaska session, Mike cut down all the trees around the cabin, which unfortunately still have to be removed in 2023.

Enough damage!

Unfortunately, the year 2022 was without my Cosmo, but with a lot of action in the cabin. Thomas and Thorsten were there for the first time - Monika, Robin and our grandchildren Quentin and Mia Grace and of course Renate ensured a full house. It was a great and absolutely harmonious time - gladly again at any time.

Sockeye late run 2022

The Sockeye late run 2022 started slowly in July and reached between July 19th and 25th. Maximum numbers between 100,000 and 189,000 sockeye salmon per day entering the Kenai River at high tide (click left image for full size image).

Towards the end of July to mid-August the numbers steadily decreased and unfortunately on the other hand the daily numbers of pink salmon (humpy, pink salmon, dog salmon) increased.

2022 was a pink year! Every two years this salmon species - see the fish - increased in the river. Unfortunately, the pink salmon isn't exactly my type of salmon and, in my opinion, doesn't belong on the plate, let alone in the smoker.

Thanks to the "full house" we were all at the water during the late run of the red salmon (Sockeye) and the freezer filled up so quickly that we had to rely on the help of our friends Susan and Butch, where we could outsource some things.

Little by little it became quieter in our cabin. First Thomas left me for home and 2 weeks later my children, grandchildren and Thorsten. From August 14th, Renate and I were alone. We enjoyed the time with friends, sightseeing and I went fishing from time to time - but without any success worth mentioning. We celebrated Renate's birthday with almost all of our Alaskan friends. Unfortunately, my oldest friend Jeff was unable to attend and Sherry had a service at your church. It was a really great afternoon and evening.

By the way, maybe a little word about the weather: It was very (very!!) wet in 2022. Constant rain and bad temperatures were our constant companions. According to locals, the rainiest summer in over 50 years. Global warming? climate shift? No idea - definitely wet, eklig  and brrr

In the end we went back to Germany

Despite the weather and damage to the cabin, it was a great time.

Finally ALASKA again!

Finally old friends again, salmon, nature and peace. We enjoyed it, even if the work tore quite a hole in our finances.

We hope for better weather

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