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Fishing for Silver Salmon (Coho, Silver Salmon)

The Silver Salmon migrate to the rivers around August.

Initially they still "mix" with sockeye and pink, but then in late August, that's how it ispretty much the only salmon species still caught.

Here, too, fishing is usually done from the bank - but also from an anchored boat.

  • From shore either in the same manner as when fishing for sockeye salmon. The color of the bow tie (or wool) should be  red or orange. It also works with a spinner or blinker. Likewise, a bait - usually salmon eggs - can be laid on the ground with a heavy lead and the fishing rod can be placed in a holder (almost like on lakes and rivers in Germany)

  • From the boat, mostly with salmon eggs, Spin-N-Glo (see picture) or spoons and spinners.

The Silver takes - in contrast to the Red - when moving through the river Nahrung and accordingly also the bait. It's great bites and the Silver delivers a sensational fight, especially when using a fly rod.


The equipment here is also waders, waders or a suit - depending on the circumstances. A corresponding salmon rod with a multiplier reel or a good fly rod are also included. As I said, fishing for the Silver with a fly rod is a real experience.


As usual - nothing works without it and of course the licenses apply to all fish species, with the exception of the king salmon, which requires its own license. The permitted withdrawal quantities are announced by Fish and Game via radio, newspaper and Internet  -  and of course also monitored. (more here)


vl - silver salmon from the boat at Eagle Rock, 

various colors Spin-N-Glo (usually with salmon eggs)

Coho salmon from the shore at Rotary, lower island

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