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Sabine, Renate and BOSS were there.

Boss was there for the first time, a little more "nervous" than Holly - but he did well and it did him good. He has become a real family dog 

The weather cooperated well and it was once again a great time here in Alaska. It's good to meet friends again, to go salmon fishing and also to hunt halibut on the "high seas".

I said goodbye to my Dodge this year - problems that were piling up and the price of gas made me decide to try to sell it. So: polished a bit, touched up the rust spots and took a few "friendly" photos and put it on the craigslist - and two days later it was sold for a good price.

I replaced it with a Ford Expedition, an SUV that is considerably better in terms of consumption and technology. Well, that's just by the way.

The Kenai River Reds' run started punctually in mid-July and was "short" and crisp (just click on the graphic to enlarge it). Thanks to Sabine and Renate, who had actively supported me, it was not difficult to meet our needs. But as always: You have to go to the water when the Reds are there! - and those who stuck to it were really quite a few in 2012.

I don't think I've ever seen so many "tourists" on the Kenai Peninsula. It was sometimes anything but nice on the water and we were glad that we could use our boat and get away from the hustle and bustle (somewhat). DBut we had to drive quite a long way up the Kenai River and survive some gravel bars. Thanks Klaus!


Fishing in the open river was often the order of the day, standing somewhere far in the water and having to walk quite a long way back with a salmon on the hook. But the fun and the success were there and that was the main thing.

In 2012, two assignments in Homer were added. Get on the boat, out to sea and follow the halibut and cod. There were also two successful trips, of which we each time started our way home full - that means 2 halibut each - and absolutely flat. Thanks to Klaus and Alex, I really enjoy fishing on the high seas now - after I've been a little hesitant here in the last few years.I think 2013 will be even more.

And again I have to thank Klaus, who smoked a load of Stripes cold for me. I didn't know this way of smoking, but I have to say that it's also very tasty!

Renate and I were also on the road a little - we looked at Palmer and the surrounding area and drove around in Anchorage again. All in all it was great again in 2012 and the plans for 2013 are already in the works. . .

Have fun with the pictures

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