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The year 2001

The B(G)auen goes farright

Our bedroom is created and I think that's it for the extensions.(who believes it) 

Also in 2001 Volker (BuBu) was there again and actively helped.

There was a small fire near our cabins while we were away, but thank God it didn't cause any further damage.

It was a nice year, the weather cooperated well and we made good progress again.

At this point, I don't want to forget to thank Volker for his help: Thank you, Volker!

In 2001, at the beginning of our vacation, we had a “loving visit” from a brown bear almost every night. Rumors of size circulated, ranging from small (with satchel) to full grown and huge. Anyway, thank God I never met him and never saw him. After almost 2 weeks the spook was over. By then, however, the bear had often molested neighbor Peter's chickens and rabbits, was frightened with flashlights and successfully put to flight (that was only for insiders), barked at by dogs and punished with "unpopularity". As already mentioned, we had our peace from the visitor, but were also particularly effectively protected by fly wire and double panes of glass (again for insiders).

Picture gallery 2001

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