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year 2010
not really summer, but full of salmon
would you rather go straight to the photo album?

The summer of 2010 that actually wasn't one. . .Arrived in early June, the weather was great! Pure sun, cool in the morning and pleasantly warm around noon. That then changed quite quickly. It became cloudy and rainy, which continued for about the whole time. Only towards the end of our stay did the weather get better again. Stop Alaska!


Our cabin survived the winter wellandes andAnd this year we started adding a little   to the back. With regard to Junior, the children and the growing family, our cabin should now be a little bigger. The first construction measures (thanks Klaus, Alex and Benni) were carried out this year and so the substructure for the "enlargement" is already in place and next year it can continue - if the finances somehow allow it. . .

This year I had my Holly with me again, who - now grown - was absolutely easy to care for and was a lot of fun. "Pavlov" quickly became friends with her and soon the two were inseparable. Pavlow had forgiven me for my "porcupine campaign" 2 years ago and he was a regular guest in our cabin again, as a matter of course.

As far as the Salme is concerned, I was lucky enough to experience both runs this year and above all to fish! The first run in the Russian River wasn't the best, but not a day went by that I didn't go home "full" (thanks Siggi). Full meant 3 pieces a day, which was perfectly adequate. Fishing in the Russian River itself was completely new to me. Fishing was done on sight (which I often missed) and my friend Siggi had a lot of trouble getting me used to it. For him, as an old Russian River pro, my attempts sometimes looked pretty funny. Of course, a bath was also part of it, which I tried to prevent with wild balancing and "arm-waving" , but in the end I was completely in the river. Well - towel over it. . .

The second run in the Kenai River went relatively well. I had reinforcements. First my Sabine with Markus, who had probably already caught the fever after his first visit to Alaska. Renate came later and a good 2 weeks before the end of our stay I couldn't and didn't want to see any more salmon. But it is always an experience to catch this great fish. The power the salmon exert is sensational, as is the rod and reel material that helps intercept these escapes and land the fish safely.

It's always nice to see friends again. Thank goodness my friend Jeff is back in the country after a "slip" to Texas and his little Jacy is a pot of gold.  Holly and I also had his Rotti Mopar - see the past few years can still enjoy. Unfortunately, he has since passed away from cancer. Susan and Butsch, Sherry and Gary, their families and whatever their names are...  They have all become good and valuable friends that we can rely on.

All in all it was a nice year again - even if the weather didn't play along.  Below I have put together a few pictures without comment, which show an outline of our stay this year.

In 2011, God willing, things will continue. The airline has again come up with some "news" that don't exactly make our lives any easier and need to be solved somehow; but also that we have to be regulated and can somehow be done.

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