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To Alaska? Good idea 😊

There are plenty of ways to reach this dreamland - on "detours" or directly.

In a roundabout waywith eg Iceland Air, an American airline or Condor.

This is a matter of taste and possibly a question of price, but in any case a huge loss of time if the vacation is planned directly in Alaska. 

Directmeans non-stop from Frankfurt (FRA) to Anchorage (ANC) in about 9 hours.

Here comes thecondorfrom Frankfurt am Main. Condor was the first airline to fly direct to Anchorage. 

Since 2020 it has also been flyingEurowings  - is booked via the Lufthansasat- direct from Frankfurt (FRA) to Anchorage (ANC)

As it became known in the media, from June 2020 Eurowings will fly to Anchorage 3 times a week - departure airport Frankfurt Main. 

Here it looks like this

Entry into the United States

Entry is quite easy - but you should stick to the regulations.

  • Of course, the passport must also be valid beyond the return date

  • An API form must be filled out after booking with the respective airline.

  • ESTA documents

  • no dairy products

  • no open food

  • no beef products

  • Cans taken with you must not be openable without an opener.

In any case, it is advisable to inform yourself about all regulations. Google and the airlines are a good help there.

This can be done either online or by telephone with the airlines.

visa information

Visa-free entry and stay is limited to 90 days. Exceeding this "limit" will result in a longer entry ban. For more information about visa and ESTA stays, please search the www. . .

From Anchorage

What's next, for example on the Kenai Peninsula, when the "entry stress" is over?

If you have booked a package tour, you will be picked up from the airport in Anchorage and taken to the holiday destination.

For us self-bookers, we continue either with a rental car or a domestic airline. Both should be booked before the trip to avoid any surprises. With a  rental car to the Kenai Peninsula, for example, it takes 3  hours and 125 miles (200 km) over the Turnigan Pass and that is quite exhausting after 9 or more hours of flight.

If you fly the route over the water with a domestic airline, you can be at Kenai Airport in 20 minutes. The cost is around 130 USD. I love flying with theGrant Aviation in the small single engine machines. There are 10 seats here (all by the window 😂) and you look straight into the pilot's back. Just right for me. Alternatively is still theRavn Alaskawith slightly larger machines for 30-40 passengers.

One final word

I hope you can do something with my information, it's a lot of input, I know that - but ultimately it's stupid when you're at immigration or customs in the USA or back in Germany and have to hand in things that you have would have liked . . .

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