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Fishing for Dolly Varden (char) and Rainbow (rainbow trout)

Once the salmon have entered the river, the Dolly Varden and Rainbow Trouts also start to appear.

They are caught as by-catch when fishing for sockeye or coho salmon.

Targeted with a light rod, salmon eggs and a lead weight that does not float up in the current. Depending on the season, natural baits are not allowed. This is where Sin-N-Glo, spinners and the like come in handy.

When holding the rod after casting, you can feel every bite on a tight line and can react and strike accordingly. So that the eggs better on the single hook(no triplets allowed)hold, it makes sense  to salt the salmon eggs beforehand.

licenses as usual.

Catch limits and natural bait permits must be obtained from the annual Fish and Game Fishing Regulations. Limits are usually 1 fish per day, which must not be larger than 16 inches (approx. 42 cm), so that the animals capable of spawning are preserved. Of course, it also applies here that the fish must be hooked in the mouth.

Beautiful rainbow trout

Two Dolly Varden

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