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year 2005
Eros was part of the party for the first time
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My four-legged offspring (star) felt "mali well".


Entry and exit without any problems. He really stirred up the country, especially our grove.


It was a wonderful time again and the weather was great; at temperatures between 25 °C and 35 °C we could really enjoy the holiday. The few days of rain we had were more pleasant than disturbing. Full of salmon as always, but also full of fishing tourists. As half locals, we had to fight quite a bit and sometimes work night or early shifts in order to be able to catch our fish in peace. After the run was in full swing and the Kenai River was full of sockeye salmon, we were finally able to switch to the boat and look for quieter places.

Everyone did the annoying certification of the salmon they caught in their own way. Some hopefully a bit casual, others with everything that goes with it and was required by the German authorities. Be that as it may, the German customs were either absent when the planes entered the country this year or acted uninvolved, so that some were lucky as always and the others were a bit like the know-it-alls. I was one of the others and I will definitely go the right way again in 2006 and not take any risks. I think German customs will react in some way somehow - maybe it was the infamous calm before the storm this year. . . .

But back to the topic:

As always, it was pure vacation. We made many new contacts and made many new friends. I was particularly pleased to have met Siegfried, who has a house near Cooper Landing with his son Christian and is always in the country at the same time as us. It's always gratifying that there are still people where you can see at first glance that the wavelength is right.

At some point the time had passed and we had to start our way back. Every year it gets a whole lot harder to fly back home - the country, the people and above all the friends don't make it easy for you to start your journey home and the breaks after which you want to go back are getting shorter and shorter.

Let's see what will happen next year. . . . .

Pictures 2005

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