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The year 2002

That was a lotmaybe a year

would you rather go straight to the pictures?

5 weeks pure Alaska.

Only 2 days of rain - otherwise pure sun! and temperatures betweensbetween 25°C and 35°C.

Fed up with salmon and only folding shutters were planned for the hut, but in the end it turned out to be more.

We still insulated the floor of our hut from below, the ceiling from the inside and laminate was laid.

The hit of the year was our newcomer, a boat.

But now according to the motto: "My house, my car, my boat".  It's great fun to drive the part on a lake - only on the Kenai River there are still problems with the screw, the pitch is wrong. We'll tackle that in 2003.

Now we are finally free from searching for fishing spots by car or on foot.

Get on the boat and go fishing!


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