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Fishing for Sockeye Salmon (Red, Sockeye Salmon)

is fishedusually from the shore (usually standing in the water), with a fly or fly-like material. Similar to flies is a bare hook with some colored wool on it. A lead required by the strong current is selected according to the respective situation and should be such that the lead runs noticeably along the bottom with the current. You should always try to keep contact with the hook and carry the line with you.


Equipment should include wading boots - but neoprene pants or a neoprene suit would be better - a good salmon rod with a multiplier reel or a #9/#10 fly rod. A large catch pot is also useful. The control bodies do not like to see the caught fish being dragged onto land. The equipment is best put together by newcomers on site, it is much cheaper here than in Germany and the selection of really good equipment is much (much) larger here.

The licenses

An absolutely necessary fishing license can be obtained on site oder on-line . It can be chosen according to the duration, from one day to one year. Young people up to the age of 16 do not need a license. You can fish with it in all waters of Alaska, but you should definitely observe the regulations of the "Fish and Game". They are reissued annually and contain all current regulations for all rivers, lakes and the ocean. The permitted withdrawal quantities per day should be observed as well as just taking alongonly hooked in the mouthFishing.

Violations are usually very unpleasant and above all expensive!

As a final comment on this paragraph, perhaps the good advice is not to trespass on private property.

These are plentiful along the Kenai River and owners can react very rudely to violators.

Prices for the licenses are currently:

  •  $10 for 1 day

  •  $50 for 1 week

  •  80 USD for 2 weeks

  • $140 for an annual license (01/01 to 31/12)

The accommodation

In our area you can find good and cheap accommodation. The prices for a cabin can be obtained from tourist information online or on site.  If the cabin is large enough, additional people are a matter of negotiation. The landlords also usually have the opportunity to freeze the catches or can at least organize it.

However, early booking is advisable, as there is already a lot going on in the high season.

Maybe one more note:

Every 2 years is a "humpy year" -see also. We don't really want the humpies (pink salmon, pink salmon), but from mid-July they become a regrettable by-catch.  😒


above from left - Alex at the drill - a good daily yield - operation on the island during the main season 

below from left - Neill and Becky cutting the filet - fishing in June (without crowds 😊) - nice Red

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