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year 2007
Fishing on the Russian River with and without bears
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It was another great year.

Arrived at the beginning of June, it was still "pretty fresh" in the country in the morning. The temperatures were close to freezing, but recovered quickly in the course of the morning and the days were beautiful and warm (at midday).

I started the shed action - we wanted to enlarge our tool shed. With 50 cm of ice in the ground, digging the holes for the pedestals wasn't exactly easy, but after Jim's tip it went quite well. The tip: Hang a lightbulb in the hole you started overnight, switch it on and cover the top. Due to the heat, I was through the ice after 2 nights. The rest was then just "hard work" and worked quite well.

Moni came over in mid-June and we were able to start fishing on the Russian River together with Siggi and friends. That was a super experience - nobody had ever shown me the Russian River like Siggi. Thank you. Fishing was great - apart from the many fishermen. It would also have gone on very well if it hadn't been for the bears. It started out harmless, with a fat, two-cupped mama bear on the other side of the Kenai River. That was great to look at and I was able to take a few pictures. The next encounter of the third species was then much closer in the Russian River and was about 20-30 meters away from us eating the leftover fish. So we all gave the bay a wide berth and continued fishing. I was able to take a few pictures here as well. It was different two days later when Monika and I were fishing in the Kenai River, just before the Russian River. Here a brown fellow slid down the embankment between two anglers who were standing right next to us. However, he didn't bother with the anglers, but instead sought his way (thank God) in the direction away from us. That was enough for us with the Russian River and Monika didn't feel like going there anymore, which I could understand. Monika's vacation was already over and the Russian run slowed down, which suited us very well. How ever . .

Eros was there again (see pictures) and Renate replaced Monika. The second run in the Kenai River started slowly (very slowly) and Renate and I were able to zero in on the Kenai River and catch our salmon locally. Thank God we went out in time and caught our limit relatively easily. When the run really got going and at times 40,000 salmon a day pulled into the river, the fishing got worse and very difficult. What that was, I have no idea. Friends told us it was the same in the Kasilof River. Here most of the salmon migrated on the side of the river that is inaccessible. "Global Warming" ? No idea, maybe it will be better again in 2008. The fact is that the salmon come later and later, and in August reds and silver are caught together. Fishing upstream didn't make things any easier either. We went up there a couple of times with the boat, but the catches were far from satisfactory.


Otherwise it was a great holiday and pure relaxation. Meeting friends, BBQ, hanging out and relaxing, sightseeing, car racing, fishing and dog training - these were the main occupations and helped a lot to relax. The weather generally played along, not that hot and - in the entire time I was over there - not a lot of rain. Car and boat went well and the atmosphere was generally great. It was all the more difficult at the beginning of August when it was said: "We have to leave" saying goodbye to our friends, the country, our cabin and all the trimmings is becoming increasingly difficult - but as the saying goes

"A year is not time, a liter of vodka is not alcohol, and 100 rubles is not money"

In this sense:Have fun with the pictures and by the way customs were kind in 2007.

Pictures 2007

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