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year 2004 
Dhe small terrace
better right awaythe pictures?

The planned construction measure was the expansion of our tiny terrace. After some excavations, the frame of our terrace could be provided and after further planning the thing could be built. First and foremost, thanks to Fritz and Sabine for their energetic help.

Other than that there wasn't much new this year apart from a bigger car, our Dodge RAM 150 pickup - thanks Jeff.

We were fed up with fish as usual. However, it started hesitantly, so that some people had doubts and panicked - but then it went great again.

The weather was great too - pure sunshine - just Alaska. A few rainy days certainly didn't ruin our 2004 vacation.

Customs 2004 was relatively "harmless" - however, there are serious changes in the house - I will try to report what I experience and inform you here on one page.

Have fun with the pictures . . .


Picture gallery 2004

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