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year 2009 - full house and high water 
Grandson Quentin and dog Holly are there for the first time
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When I, or rather our arrival - Holly was there for the first time - it was still quite fresh in the country at night and in the morning. But with great weather, the sun made the temperatures very pleasant at noon.

Since I was alone the first time, there were some changes to the floors as planned. There was new laminate in the living area and in the bathroom, the floor from below was put up and the one from above ended up in the shed! Now everything was great and I was able to tackle the next planned "construction site":

Our connection to the gas network.

I laid the supply lines at the house and the operating company Enstar laid the supply line with heavy equipment up to the cabin. After the meter was set after a few "little problems", we finally had gas. A new heater and a used 50 gal water heater completed the job. Now we are no longer dependent on heavy propane tanks that suddenly run out.

Of course I also went fishing:

First on the Russian River, where we anglers followed the salmon together with friend Petz and later of course again in the Kasilof and Kenai River. It was quite a fight and ran pretty sparsely. When my Sabine arrived with her friend Djamila, we unfortunately had a small "hole" in the run and almost nothing worked at all. A few days before the two flew back to Germany, thank God things went a bit longer and the two were able to "drill" a few salmon.

Sabine and Djamila were replaced by Renate, Monika, Robin and Junior - my grandson. Although he came with Monika because of passport problems (at 8 months!!) a week later, but then it was a great time with the family. My German Shepherd, Holly, treated Junior Quentin like a nanny. By the way, Holly showed herself very well during her first stay and there was never any stress.

However, the flood came with them. A glacial dam broke and water ran straight into the Kenai River, which rose 1/2 meter overnight. The water was cloudy, sometimes raging and you didn't really know where the salmon were going. It was a difficult endeavor to find a reasonably defensible fishing spot. In places where you normally stood up to your legs in water, it was now almost up to your chest, which made playing or even quivering almost impossible. Our small island at the airport in Soldotna was no longer accessible. 🙈

Towards the end of July the situation eased up a bit, fishing was fun again and the Red finally went well. The first Silver showed up and some delivered great drills.

Living together with the children was really great, but sometimes it got a little cramped. And so we decided to tackle it again and in 2010 to do and build something for the "extended family". . . 

After all, we are currently bringing it to a proud 7 people who are all caught by the "Alaska fever".
The journey home in August also went smoothly. Customs and the authorities in Frankfurt seem to have learned how it works.
Now it's time for 2010 to plan, to draw and to design and of course to save.

Have fun with the pictures.


Picture gallery 2009

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