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The year 2003

. . . and it keeps getting better

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We experienced so much during our time in Alaska this year that I can't really describe it here.

Maybe a few highlights:

Fed up with fish: 1.4 million had moved to the Kenai River by the time we left.

Our boat ran like hell on the river with the new propeller. We were finally independent.

Our little house got a larger window in the front (thanks Hermann), the fish cleaning corner was expanded into a fly-proof smokehouse and one side of our house is now covered and finished.

We don't need to talk about the weather: pure Alaska! Except for 3 days only sun, 20-35°C, a little wind.

We got to know some new people again, deepened friendships, raised dogs.

On a trip to Thomsons Hole we were lucky enough to see a large brown bear hunting fish and “processing” its catch on the other side (thank God) of the Kenai River.

Probably the best day was the last Sunday of our vacation, when our friends Susan and Butch and their sons took us to Tustumena Lake to show us the "red Reds". Pure nature, no one far and wide, and next to a few black bears - who again, thank God, kept a low profile - the now completely red Sockeye Salmon (Reds) with their dark green heads, which spawn here in small creeks and then die. . .

With joyful anticipation for 2004, we returned well rested in August

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