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Fishing for King Salmon (chinook, king salmon)

This is usually not"Alone", certainly not for beginners.

If you do not have your own boat and do not master the technique of king fishing, a guide service is essential. The guides know their way around - after all, they earn their money with it - and know what has to be done and, above all, where it has to be done. The guide services can best be booked on site via the visitor center or you can simply find out beforehand on the web. There are up to 4 anglers plus the guide in the boat when fishing.


If you have booked, the orientation is usually provided by the guide service. They have good material on rods and reels and know how to use it. Fishing is from the boat, usually from 06:00 in the morning until either noon or all day, depending on what has been booked. Oh yeah, it's not cheap - prices range from $200 to $400 per person. The boat always approaches a point. There the guide sets out the rods and the boat floats downstream. This is repeated over and over again. Baits are Spin-N-Glo with salmon eggs or Spin-N-Glo with Quickfish, a type of wobbler.

If you are fishing from the bank yourself, stronger material is called for. The King Salmon is the largest local salmon and can easily weigh up to 120 lbs. That's why atFishing from the bank questionable whether you can hold or even land the king salmon.


Fishing for king salmon is not included in the traditional license. An extra license must be purchased here. The prices are the same as for the regular fishing license. Here, too, young people under the age of 16 are free of charge, but they must have a license issued - free of charge - and carry it with them. The reason for this is that the catches must be entered immediately when they are removed.

The catch ofKing Salmon is limited to 1 fish per dayandmaximum 2 fish per year. It is also important to consult the annual regulations before fishing. King fishing is currently blocked on many stretches along the Kenai River or only for "catch and release" - if at all -authorized.

The licenses for king fishing are - as already mentioned - to be understood in addition to the normal license.

  • USD  10 for one day

  • USD  50 for a week

  • USD  80 for three weeks or

  • USD 145 for the entire year (01/01 to 12/31)

The catches must be entered immediately after they have been taken from the river!

from left: Monika 2003 with King Mädchen (Peter Müller Region Kenai River the Pillars) - start with Peter Müller (Region Jims Landing)

Rods are baited - Volker with our catches (the smaller one was mine 😉)

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